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Why Choose CeramicSpeed?

Why Choose CeramicSpeed?
Alejandro Torralbo, Mechanic Team Tinkoff Saxo:
“We normally change bearings often during the season, but CeramicSpeed bearings are very reliable and last the entire season. The construction of the bearings is very good and we rarely see corrosion or contamination of CeramicSpeed bearings. It saves time for the mechanics and the riders get faster bearings.”

Bearings which can make the difference at the end of the race?

Upgrading your hubs, bottom brackets and pulleywheels will give you exactly what you need. CeramicSpeed bearings reduce friction, improve power transfer and have greater longevity.

These advantages over standard steel bearings are achieved by using the world's finest ceramic balls. The CeramicSpeed balls we use are rounder, harder, smoother, stiffer, lighter and more durable than both steel balls and other ceramic balls.

Ceramic balls are available in many different quality levels. Comparing CeramicSpeed to other ceramic balls available; you will find that CeramicSpeed balls are harder, smoother and stronger than any other balls on the market. This is why many Pro Teams and professional athletes choose CeramicSpeed bearings.

Save 6 to 9 watts with CeramicSpeed bearings

We are not talking about saved seconds but saved minutes! On an Iron Distance you can save up to 9 minutes!

CeramicSpeed bearings help you ride faster using less energy. This can be the difference between winning and losing. Whether you ride for pleasure or you are a pro athlete fighting the clock, you will benefit from riding CeramicSpeed bearings. Take advantage whether you are riding road, tri, off-road or track.

CeramicSpeed bearings reduce friction and increase the longevity of the bearings. Your bike will not just get faster – you will save time on changing worn out bearings; time you could be using on valuable training. Tests prove that you save 6 to 9 watts with CeramicSpeed bearings in your hubs, pulley wheels and bottom brackets compared to a set of standard bearings. Tests are undertaken using exactly the same CeramicSpeed bearings that our sponsored teams are using and which are available world-wide.

Saves minutes!
Distance Time saving @48 km/h Time saving @40 km/h Time saving @32 km/h
40 km 25 sec. 50 sec. 2 min.
90 km 55 sec. 1:52 min 4:30 min
180 km 1:50 min 3:45 min 9 min

Don't miss the benefits from CeramicSpeed bearings

  • Save energy due to extremely low friction
  • Last 3-5 times longer than other bicycle bearings on the market
  • The lower rolling resistance increases your power transfer when pedalling
  • Increased top speed with improved power transfer
  • High performance bearings made with special quality CeramicSpeed balls
  • CeramicSpeed balls are 100% smoother and 15% harder than other ceramic balls in the market

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