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How do I buy a Brooks Saddle?

Brooks is one of the top names in bicycle saddles. They are known for making high quality leather and now their new Cambium saddles. They have a saddle to accomodate just about every riding style and this guide will help you choose which of their models would best accomodate you.

Choose a Brooks Saddle that Fits your Riding Style

Brooks categorizes their saddles in three different segments.

Road / MTB

If you're usually positioned over your bars, these are for you.

Road and mountain bike saddles are narrower and sometimes longer than other models. Their most popular saddle in this style is their iconic B17 saddle. These saddles are best for riders who ride at about a 45 degree angle.

Brooks Swallow Brooks B17

Touring / Trekking

If you're usually positioned angled forward, but not all the way over the bars, these are for you.

Touring saddles are usually a little wider than road and mountain bike saddles. Some models, like the B67 or Flyer models, may include springs for additional comfort. Because you might ride in multiple positions, you might see some overlap between the city style and the road / mountain bike style.

Brooks Flyer Brooks Flyer


If you're upright for easy riding, these are for you.

City saddles are all about comfort. They are wider and almost always include springs. The B33 is one example of this.

Brooks B33 Brooks B33

Need examples of riding styles?

Understanding Brooks Model Differences

What's the difference between the B66 and the B67?

Brooks B66 The Brooks B66 is a double rail saddle for use with straight post seat posts.
Brooks B67 The Brooks B67 is a single rail saddle for use with modern micro-adjust seat posts.

Can you explain the Cambium line?

The Cambium line has a special rubber frame to help dampen some of the roads vibrations. They use a cotton / canvas top on these saddles rather than leather.

Brooks C13 The Brooks C13 Cambium comes in multiple widths. Unlike other Cambium saddles, it has carbon rails to save weight.
Brooks C17 The Brooks C17 modeled it's shape off of the flagship B17 saddle.
Brooks C15 The Brooks C15 is narrower than the C17.
Brooks C19 The Brooks C19 is wider than the C17. It is better suited for more upright riding.

Understanding Brooks Model Names and Terminology

"S" Models"

This is the Brooks designation for women's. "S" models are usually shorter and wider than men's models.


Cambium models have a special rubber frame and a durable cotton top. They are more popular with touring and commuter riders than performance driven road riders.


Imperial models have a cut-out. These can be more comfortable if you are sensitive in the nether-regions or if you'd like a little more ventilation. They are usually the same shape and size as another model, so you'll see model names like B17 Imperial, which is the same as a B17 - just with the cutout.


It has the same meaning as imperial, but applies to Cambium saddles - it's a Cambium saddle with a cut-out.


Special usually means the saddle will have hand-hammered rivets and copper rails for a classic look.


This indicates the saddle has titanium rails which are lighter than steel rails. They should also absorb more shock than steel rails

Brooks Models Cheat Sheet

Here is a chart with the Brooks models listed from narrowest to widest and with their key features listed. It's a quick and easy way to identify the differences.

ModelSuspensionAttachementWidthLengthRiding Style
C13 No7x9 Carbon Rails132275Road / MTB
C15NoStandard140283Road / MTB
C13 MediumNo7x9 Carbon Rails145275Road / MTB
SwiftNoStandard150272Road / MTB
B17 NarrowNoStandard151279Road / MTB
B15 SwallowNoStandard153285Road / MTB
ColtNoStandard156273Road / MTB
C13 LargeNo7x9 Carbon Rails158275Road / MTB
Team ProNoStandard160273Road / MTB
C17NoStandard162283Road / MTB / Touring / Trekking
B17 NoStandard175275Road / MTB / Touring / Trekking
B17 SNoStandard176242Road / MTB / Touring / Trekking
FlyerYesStandard175275Touring / Trekking
Flyer SYesStandard176242Touring / Trekking
ConquestYesStandard176280Touring / Trekking
C19NoStandard185274Touring / Trekking / City
B67YesStandard205260Touring / Trekking / City
B67 SYesStandard205240Touring / Trekking / City
B66YesStraight Post Clamp205260Touring / Trekking / City
B66 SYesStraight Post Clamp205240Touring / Trekking / City
B135YesStraight Post Clamp205289City
B72YesStraight Post Clamp209252City
B33YesStraight Post Clamp235318City
B190YesStraight Post Clamp249324City