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What is a standard seat bicycle clamp and why is it needed?

A standard seat clamp sits on top of a 7/8" seat post. It connects the seat post to the seat. The standard seat clamp affixes to the rails of nearly all saddles as long as they use the common rail size. Usually only high-end racing saddles or specialty BMX saddles use anything different.

How to Install a Standard Bicycle Seat Clamp

Step 1 - Line up the inner plates

Step 1 - Line up the inner platesRemove the spindle and side plates. Take one of the inner side plates, place it against the clamp and put it on the rail. Take the other inner side plate and put it in place on the rail. Line the clamp up next to it and push down. It should essentially feel like it's snapping into place.

Step 3 - Hand tighten the hardware

Step 3 - Hand tighten the hardwareInstall the outer plates and spindle. Hand-tighten so that they clamp won't move.

Step 4 - Attach to the seat post

Attach the seat and clamp to the post. Make any final adjustments and tighten down the hardware.