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DT Swiss 54t Star Ratchet Kit: 2 star ratchets, 2 springs and grease
DT Swiss 54t Star Ratchet Kit: 2 star ratchets, 2 springs and greaseDT Swiss

DT Swiss Maintenance Kits Compatible with all current DT star ratchet hubs and wheels Includes two star ratchets, two springs, and Molykote … read more

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Continental GatorSkin - 700 x 23, Steel Bead
Continental GatorSkin - 700 x 23, Steel BeadContinental

Why buy the GatorSkin tire? In short, it's durable. It's our most popular tire and the market leader amongst road bikers for puncture … read more

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Brooks B17 Standard Black
Brooks B17 Standard BlackBrooks

Multiple seat positions will be adopted during trekking and touring cycling. Although the rider may stand up from the seat when increased speed or greater … read more

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Surly Fat Bike Ultra Light Tube 26 x 3-4.8"
Surly Fat Bike Ultra Light Tube 26 x 3-4.8"Surly

Will easily float a small dog. Item Specifications Valve: Presta ISO Diameter: 559 / 26" mtn Labeled Size: 26" x 3.0" - 4.8" … read more

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Lizard Skins Black 3.2 DSP Bar Tape
Lizard Skins Black 3.2 DSP Bar TapeLizard Skins

Lizard Skins DSP Bar Tape is tacky in wet or dry conditions and the tape provides increased shock absorption. DSP (DuraSoft Polymer) Optimized feel … read more

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Shimano PD-M324 SPD Pedals
Shimano PD-M324 SPD PedalsShimano

Versatile pedal for entry level SPD users, great for hybrid or comfort bike cyclists. Features Combines the efficiency of the SPD system and the … read more

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Velo Orange Crazy Bar - Black
Velo Orange Crazy Bar - Black

These bars are intended for touring on paved and unpaved roads. They are also ideal for gravel grinding. The main section of the bar is pretty wide at … read more

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Brooks Cambium C17 All-Weather Saddle Carved Black
Brooks Cambium C17 All-Weather Saddle Carved BlackBrooks

The Cambium All Weather C17 Carved is made for years of hard riding in an angled riding position, and features a hole for pressure relief and additional … read more

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Continental GatorSkin - 700 x 28, Steel Bead
Continental GatorSkin - 700 x 28, Steel BeadContinental

A durable carbon black compound, good puncture protection and the Duraskin fabric make the Gatorskin a veritable kilometre eater. Available in widths … read more

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Brooks B17 Standard Honey
Brooks B17 Standard HoneyBrooks

Multiple seat positions will be adopted during trekking and touring cycling. Although the rider may stand up from the seat when increased speed or greater … read more

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Tektro 800A Sidepull Brake Set
Tektro 800A Sidepull Brake Set

Dual pivot caliper brake Melt forged aluminum arms with 40mm pads Weight 200 grams / wheel Sold as a pair 61-78mm reach … read more

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Brooks Proofide Leather Dressing
Brooks Proofide Leather DressingBrooks

A new saddle should be treated with Brooks Proofide leather dressing to help assist the 'breaking-in' process. Proofide keeps the leather supple as it … read more

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Continental 700 x 32-47mm 42mm Presta Valve Tube
Continental 700 x 32-47mm 42mm Presta Valve TubeContinental

Continental standard weight presta valve tubes. Seamless and mold cured construction Item Specifications Weight: 180g Valve: Presta ISO Diameter: … read more

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Kenda Kaliente 700 x 23c Folding Bead IronCloak Black
Kenda Kaliente 700 x 23c Folding Bead IronCloak BlackKenda

Kenda's lightest road clincher; excellent for racing and all-round riding. Tire design features longer tread life, less rolling resistance, and improved … read more

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Salsa Cowchipper Drop Bar 31.8 46cm Black
Salsa Cowchipper Drop Bar 31.8 46cm BlackSalsa

Cowchipper provides comfort, control, and efficiency for long days in the saddle, whether road touring, crushing mixed surfaces, or conquering the Great … read more

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700 x 28-32, (27 x 1-1/4") Schrader Valve Tube
700 x 28-32, (27 x 1-1/4") Schrader Valve Tube

read more

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Hobson Original Easyseat
Hobson Original EasyseatHobson

Since the turn of the century almost every bike seat has been based on the same design, the saddle. It is an efficient design for racers, but causes … read more

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Sun Recumbent Replacement Seat Mesh For Seat Back
Sun Recumbent Replacement Seat Mesh For Seat Back

Replacement seat back mesh Color: Blac … read more

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Q-Tubes 700 x 23-25, (27 x 1-1/8") 48mm Presta Valve Tube
Q-Tubes 700 x 23-25, (27 x 1-1/8") 48mm Presta Valve Tube

read more

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26 x 1.5-1.75" Schrader Valve Tube
26 x 1.5-1.75" Schrader Valve Tube

read more

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DT Swiss

Driven by the vision of becoming a worldwide known manufacturer of bicycle components, DT Swiss expanded its product range over the years. Today DT Swiss has established itself as a leading manufacturer of spokes, nipples, hubs, rims, complete wheels as well as suspension systems.

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"Continental race tyres set global standards. They offer an outstanding riding experience by providing the best combination of grip, low rolling (speed), puncture protection and weight. They are made using some unique craftsmanship and technologies at our German production plant at Korbach and are serial winners in magazine product tests across the world."

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"Brooks England is steeped in history, a prestige brand that boasts almost 150 years of tradition and expertise. But quality and style never age. Do come in and take a seat."

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Surly is a leading manufacturer of bicycle frames, and was one of the first Fat Bike manufacturers.

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Lizard Skins

"Since 1993 Lizard Skins has created products to meet the needs and wants of cyclists around the world. With a wide variety of cycling products, from its well-known chainstays to its gripping bar tape, Lizard Skins has everything you need to make the most of your ride. Our mission is to protect the bike and rider while making the ride more enjoyable."

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"Shimano practices good local citizenship, pursues continued access to those areas that are enjoyed by outdoor enthusiasts, and is committed to minimizing our impact on the environment."

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"Think all tires look the same? Look closely and you'll see that Kenda Tires perform to the highest standards across several different categories. For the past 50 years, Kenda has been building a better tire for life's most demanding activities. Actually, they overbuild them to ensure you succeed safely in everything you do."

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"At Salsa, we believe a sense of adventure makes life better. The bicycle can be so much more than just a bike; it's a path to new places, new people, and amazing experiences."

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"We are the originator and creator of doctor recommended 2-padded bicycle seats. Hobson Associates Inc. is the maker of the Original Easyseat, Easyseat II and Pro-Hub X2. We engineer and style bike seats for your health and pleasure.Our ultimate goal is to provide a true pain free ride to all bicycle riders. Since 1982 Hobson Saddles has been the pioneer in manufacturing nose-less and unconventional bike seats. Our only concern is the comfort, health and safety of all cyclists."

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Answer BMX makes BMX racing components.

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"Built for Race"

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"SMALL DETAILS. BIG DIFFERENCE. With this concept came the genesis of Avid, which you can still see in every product we make. Since 1991, Avid has been working hard to bring you the industry's most dramatic improvements and make enhancements so sweet it's hard to imagine riding without them."

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"Axiom is committed to helping cyclists ride more and live better, and we've been at it for 25 years. Our products are designed and tested by avid cyclists, so every minute detail is painstakingly considered before a final design is approved. The end result is a lineup of superior cycling accessories that meet the specific, everyday needs of people who ride bikes. Axiom means intuitive products, premium materials, innovative designs and cutting edge manufacturing techniques. We make cycling products that work, so cyclists have more time to play. Discover the world by bike."

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"Campagnolo puts all of its professionalism and expertise into the manufacture of its components in Via della Chimica plant in Vicenza. All production takes place exclusively within Campagnolo's own plants, so that product development can be a fully integrated part of the process. Every step in the process, from design and engineering to testing and industrialisation, takes place within Campagnolo facilities. Campagnolo even develops its own tools, machinery and technology so that it can produce only the very best components and wheels for racing bicycles."

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Cane Creek

"The world's best choose Cane Creek. A key element of Cane Creek's mission is to support the sport of cycling, including racing, charitable activities and cycling advocacy. Cane Creek believes strongly in the power of bicycles and their potential to effect positive change in our society. To that end, Cane Creek supports athletes and teams whose purpose encompasses more than competitive racing, such as getting more people on bikes, improving or promoting a healthy lifestyle, and making our world better through the use of a bike."

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"Upgrading your hubs, bottom brackets and pulleywheels will give you exactly what you need. CeramicSpeed bearings reduce friction, improve power transfer and have greater longevity."

Learn more about CeramicSpeed

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"Life is more than meetings and traffic. It's about appreciating the beauty in every day. Whether you're going out with friends, running errands or just need a little fresh air, some of life's best things are found right outside your front door. At Civia we design bikes, accessories and clothes to get you around your neighborhood in comfort and style."

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"At CycleOps, we want to support your training year-round by providing you with the best trainers, rollers and indoor cycles. Whether you are riding indoors for fitness or are training to win a road race or triathlon, we've got you covered."

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"For more than 20 years, creating and selling useful cycling products with an innovative difference has been our mission. We work very hard to make our products better and deliver superior value to what else is out there. If we can't achieve either, we don't do it. That's why we offer only a small, concentrated product line that represent the best there is in each category"

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Dimension makes quality components to repair or custom-fit the vast majority of bikes being ridden today, and provide the accessories that make them fun to ride.

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"Exustar is a quiet achiever. For over 20 years we have produced a highly professional range of cycling shoes and pedals. If we are not as well-known or as flashy as some of our major rivals, that's because we don't run expensive ad campaigns or sponsor corporate race teams. Instead we diligently toil away, researching, testing, and constantly improving our products. Our reputation stands on our products alone, products that are exceptional value for the quality and features they offer. "

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fi'zi:k is a racing brand. It represents beauty, speed, passion, freedom for those who race against each other, race against the clock and for enthusiast cyclists around the world who identify with the feeling of the fire of competition.

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Fulcrum Wheels was established in July 2004, based on the idea of three aerospace engineers who are passionate about bicycles. The strong points of this young company include the use of unique patents, ongoing technological research, and the attractive and young-spirited design.

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Full Speed Ahead

"We move forward with a desire to deliver the best possible components to our customers and a determined spirit of competition."

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"Fyxation is a manufacturer of fixed gear bicycle parts, commuter bicycle parts, urban bicycle parts and fixie bicycles."

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Halo Wheels

"We didn't invent the wheel, we simply made it better."

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HT Components

Hsing Ta Industrial is a Taiwan bicycle industry pioneer. Founded in 1954, it is rooted in providing consumers with the best riding experience with the highest quality products. In 2005, they created the HT high-end pedal brand with a variety of new designs to satisfy consumers' diverse personalisation needs with innovative technology.

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"Over the years, ISM's seats have helped propel Ironman wins, Olympic medals, Road Racing podium appearances, and countless age group victories. Pros and amateurs alike are finding riding and competing enjoyable again due in large part to riding the world's most comfortable bike seat."

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"Jagwire is the number-one cable and housing brand in the world. You'll find Jagwire cables and housings on Giant, Specialized, Felt, Trek, BMC, Cannondale, Norco, Scott, Globe, KHS, Bianchi, Ridley and hundreds more international brands. Jagwire invites you to take your bike beyond ordinary in a blaze of light, color and texture with our family of integrated control system products. From a rainbow of cable housings and brake pads to stylish shifter mounts, Jagwire helps you transform your ride into a rolling gallery of self-expression."

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Kind Shock

Kind Shock is an industry leader in suspension and dropper seat posts.

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Kurt Kinetic

Kurt Manufacturing got its start in the cycling industry when it began manufacturing the trainer frames for a competitor. The competitor went bankrupt in 1999. Stuck with a great deal of inventory and tooling and armed with the knowledge about leaking resistance units, Kurt decided to apply its precision manufacturing expertise to build bike trainers. The result was a design so innovative it was awarded a patent for its leak proof fluid resistance unit. Kinetic trainers are built to push your limits. They are the most advanced mechanical training tools available. Innovative design, patented fluid resistance technology and precision engineering set them apart from the competition. Kinetic's fluid resistance unit is the industry standard for reliability and consistency and it's backed by an unconditional lifetime warranty.

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Lazer is a leading manufacturer of bike helmets.

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"Whether you're riding on hardpack, loose dirt or mud, Maxxis has the tire for you."

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"Bicycle use has changed greatly in the last 10 years but we see a bright future in cycling and stay committed to developing products that everyone can understand. MINOURA will continue to enhance product development and planning to keep our 80 year promise of delivering great, well-built products."

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"Moots has been building high-performance bike frames since 1981. Each is meticulously fashioned out of premium US-made titanium tubing, allowing us to design every bike to the specific needs of the frame style and individual rider. Our purposeful design philosophy, our knowledge of the unique characteristics of titanium, and our relentless focus on craftsmanship come together in the creation of true lifetime bikes-whether your preference is asphalt, dirt or both."

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"Light, discrete, yet very effective, Mucky Nutz guards are the original flexible guards and are used and endorsed by many pro DH and Enduro teams and riders, but are available to everyone in a variety of forms and colours."

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Nokian Suomi

"The skilled personnel at the plant in Lieksa, hi-tech technology, and the soft rubber compound that lasts cold, the best spikes made in aluminum and in steel - these are the core of our company. We have the skill that makes the best winter tyres for bicycles in the world."

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One day we were out for a ride and we thought, You know what would be great? And then we thought, Yes, we know exactly. And then we thought, Someone should make that. And then we thought, Wait, we could make that. And so we did. We are cyclists, first. Makers, second. We have road rash. We still love banana seats. We like the feel of the wind through our helmet hair. We are NubNub."

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Park Tool

"Park Tool has been manufacturing bicycle specific tools since 1963. Based out of St. Paul Minnesota, we are the world's largest bicycle tool manufacturer. A long-term dedication to quality, innovation, and customer service has made Park Tool the first choice of professional and home bicycle mechanics around the world."

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"Pinhead's mission is to improve cycling security and safety with high-quality locks that protect the bike and provide a safer ride."

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Planet Bike

"Planet Bike was born from the heart of a cyclist and our goal is to make innovative, high quality, and practical bicycle accessories. Simply put, we strive to design and develop the best bicycle products in the world."

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Ridden by everyone around the world, from BMX PRO's to newcomers, the Saltplus collection brings the latest technology and modern designs down to an affordable price point without sacrificing quality.

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"SCHWALBE NORTH AMERICA prides itself on outstanding customer service, consistency, a superior product at a competitive price, and the endless pursuit of supporting a great sport and a healthy source of transportation."

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"The great adventure of Selle Italia began just outside of Milan in the village of Corsico in 1897. Selle Italia was originally founded to make saddles for everyday bicycles used for transportation. Back then, automobiles were an unaffordable for most and the bicycle was the transport of choice for many.

Fast forward to the late 1970's. The automobile had long replace the bicycle as a primary mode of transport and cycling was more for sport than anything. The Bigolin family took over Selle Italia and began an upward trajectory that propelled Selle Italia to the top with continuous product innovation encompassing new construction techniques and using new materials. This innovation and vision has made Selle Italia the acknowledged #1 source for high-end bicycle saddles worldwide."


"Wherever your road leads we know cyclists seek the ultimate ride. With that in mind, Serfas is always striving to make products that reflect those wants and needs. Our 20-plus year commitment to quality, performance and customer service is reflected in our innovative products that are rider-tested and rider approved."

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"Incremental enhancements. Perpetual improvements. Revolutionary Innovation. When advancements are continuously made to every attribute of every component, the result is overall performance that is simply second to none. And to real cycling enthusiasts, there is nothing more gratifying then achieving the ultimate ride. And the best part is we just keep making it better. This is what SRAM is all about."

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"Tacx shares the passion for the sport of cycling with you. Work on your fitness, improve your personal bests, reach the summit of your capabilities: you can count on Tacx. You just take care of training and discipline, we will provide the means and possibilities. Ambitious athletes are our inspiration. Champions like Fabian Cancellara and Alberto Contador do not settle for anything but the best, they always use the Tacx trainer to warm up for big races and time-trials."

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Almost one century ago,in 1920,Yasujiro Tange founded a company that would become one the most iconic in bicycle industry. He gave this conpany his family name, and made it famous all over the world. Tange first produced forks and CrMo frame tubes. It quickly became synonymous of high japanese quality. During the golden ages of CrMo bikes,for road racing,and moreover BMX and MTB, Tange was considered as the best tubing maker by the biggest bikes brands, as well as be spoke frame builders. Today, CrMo is coming back and the new generation of Tange people decided to pay tribute to the man who wrote history by creating their own bike brand called Yasujiro. Yasujiro aims to show the way for modern CrMo bikes, a perfect combinaison of tradition and modernity for cyclists who want to (re) discover the unique taste of rinding steel.

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Tange Seiki is a third generation company. Sato Tange, son of Tange Seiki's founder Michiaki Tange and Yosujirou Tange's grandson joined Tange Seiki in 1984 and became president in 2000. Sato's eldest son, Eisuke, nicknamed "Ace", has joined the company and carries on Tange Seiki's commitment to Japanese excellence and standards. No matter where Tange Seiki products are manufactured, they are all made to the precise Japanese standard. This philosophy, to produce the highest quality parts to the highest standards, has been passed from one generation to another and will continue to guide Tange Seiki for generations to come.

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Taya Chain

Taya is an innovator in chains, with their chains being known for superior durability.

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"We are the original women's bicycling company founded in 1985 by Georgena Terry. For over 25 years, we've been disrupting the bicycle industry - designing innovative bikes, saddles, apparel and accessories that fit mobilized women who believe their wheels are their wings and that pure performance and feminine style can ride in tandem. We are 100% dedicated to making cycling a more comfortable experience for all women."

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Thomson is leading with innovative design for two primary markets - aerospace and cycling.

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"Whether getting faster requires lighter components, components to give you greater control, or something else, Tioga will keep tweaking and innovating to find it."

See all Tioga


"At Topeak, exciting new ideas for accessories are spinning at full speed and driving us ahead in a never ending cycle of innovation."

See all Topeak

Vee Rubber

"VEE Tire Co. prides itself on offering affordable, innovative products that enable you to push the boundaries of your ride. With over thirty years in the industry, our engineering advantage has elevated the biking experience by providing you with a premium tire you can trust is on the cutting edge."

See all Vee Rubber

We The People

"W-T-P have always taken a lot of pride in ourselves and in building bikes that are capable of taking everything a rider throws at them. We are constantly at the forefront of developing and manufacturing materials that will with stand hard and furious riding and our designs are made to combat common breaks and bends."

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"WTB was founded in Marin County, California in 1982, fueled by the need to create durable and reliable mountain bike-specific equipment. Back then mountain biking was a new and burgeoning sport, and mountain bikes weren't much more than cobbled-together oddities. The original WTB crew was captivated by the experience of riding bikes on dirt trails, and they started creating more durable and functional components for their own bikes. Soon, local frame builders sought to outfit their bikes with WTB's high-end components. WTB was able to turn our passion for bikes into a successful business."

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"Craig Turner, the founder, spent many years designing aircraft, rockets and racing yachts, with his spare time consumed by cycling, sailing and designing a large variety of ground breaking consumer products. In 1992 he decided to start one of the first Triathlon stores and build complete Tri bikes weighing as little as 12 lbs. In 1993 he saw the need for devices to help carry more fluids on longer length triathlons...... XLAB was born.

In 2007, with fi fteen years experience of supplying over 10,000 Tri bikes, he decided to greatly expand the XLAB range. Today, the XLAB range covers all storage needs for Hydration, Nutrition and Repair for all race lengths including Sprint, Olympic, Half and Full. With over 90 cutting-edge products XLAB has established the most winning record in the sport with 24 WORLD TRIATHLON CHAMPIONSHIPS."

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Tire Diameter

Tire Width

Tire Type


Tire Bead

Tire Usage


Rail Material

Clamp Style



Men's saddles tend to have a narrower seat and longer nose than corresponding women's versions.

Saddle color is usually the predominant color of the saddle. But, for predominantly black or white saddles it is usually the color of accents or highlights.

These products have proven superior to other similiar products and deserves your consideration.


These products are one of our best sellers.

Tubes for 26 x 3.0 tires

Tubes for 26 x 3.5 tires

Tubes for 26 x 3.8 tires

Tubes for 26 x 4.0 tires

Tubes for 26 x 4.25 tires

Tubes for 26 x 4.5 tires

Tubes for 26 x 4.6 tires

Tubes for 26 x 4.7 tires

Tubes for 26 x 4.8 tires

We define color as the main color of the item. It may have accents or highlights in other colors.


Cleat Type

Pedal Type

Tubes for 700 x 32 tires

Tubes for 700 x 33 tires

Tubes for 700 x 34 tires

Tubes for 700 x 35 tires

Tubes for 700 x 36 tires

Tubes for 700 x 37 tires

Tubes for 700 x 38 tires

Tubes for 700 x 39 tires

Tubes for 700 x 40 tires

Tubes for 700 x 41 tires

Tubes for 700 x 42 tires

Tubes for 700 x 43 tires

Tubes for 700 x 44 tires

Tubes for 700 x 45 tires

Tubes for 700 x 46 tires

Tubes for 700 x 47 tires

Bar Clamp Diameter

Bar Drop

Bar Reach

Drop Bend Style


Width Measurement

Tubes for 700 x 28 tires

Tubes for 700 x 29 tires

Tubes for 700 x 30 tires

Tubes for 700 x 31 tires

Tubes for 27 x 1 1/4 tires

Women's saddles tend to have a wider seat and shorter nose than corresponding men's versions.

Tubes for 700 x 23 tires

Tubes for 700 x 24 tires

Tubes for 700 x 25 tires

Tubes for 27 x 1 1/8 tires

Tubes for 26 x 1.5 tires

Tubes for 26 x 1.6 tires

Tubes for 26 x 1.7 tires

Tubes for 26 x 1.75 tires

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