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Q-Tubes 26 x 1.9-2.125" Thorn Resistant 32mm Presta Valve Tube

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Q-Tubes 26 x 1.9-2.125" Thorn Resistant 32mm Presta Valve Tube
StarStarStarStarStar 5 of 5 stars average ( 3 reviews )
Q-Tubes Thorn Resistant Tubes.

  • 4mm wall thickness in the tread area and 2mm in the rim area
  • Butyl tube
  • 4mm wall thickness in the tread area and 2mm in the rim area
Item Specifications
  • Weight: 536g
  • Valve: Presta
  • ISO Diameter: 559 / 26" mtn,584 / 650b / 27.5"
  • ISO Width: 48,49,51,52,50,53,54mm
  • Labeled Size: 26" x 1.9-2.125"
  • Valve Length: Short 32-40mm
  • Tube Compound: Butyl
  • Valve Core: Removable
  • Valve Shaft: Threaded
  • StarStarStarStarStar 5 of 5 stars average ( 3 reviews )
    Q-Tubes 26 x 1.9-2.125" Thorn Resistant 32mm Presta Valve Tube
    Q-Tubes 26 x 1.9-2.125" Thorn Resistant 32mm Presta Valve Tube

    retail $17.50 your price $16.99


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    Customer reviews of this product:

    StarStarStarStarStar Works!

    Ownership: a few months

    I was getting flats often enough just riding a tail trail but have had no flats since using these thicker tubes.

    StarStarStarStarStar Nothing is foolproof but this product should be your bare minimum starting point in defense against flats.

    Ownership: two months
    Tech Knowledge: high


    hard to find better product in terms a flat proof inner tubes. But this is only a baseline starting point. You should also find a use thorn proof tires such as "armadillo" which is designed to protect against thorn penetration. There are other excellent tires that that have a build in anti penetration layer that is at least 1/2 inch thick which acts like a shield so thornes or sharp objects that do get through have to be long enough and sharp enough to penetrate and do damage. I recently was devastated by driving through a "thorny patch in which both tires where exposed and embedded with over 100 thorns in each tire! I can not tell you how frustating it was to use tweezers to pull out over 100 thorns on each tire. One simple fix when I was finished was to not only replace the tubes with thorn proof ones like the "Qtubes" but also I took off the tires and inverted the treads so inside was ex[posed on the outside and coated each one with up to 3/4 of an inch elastometric sealer call "Clear DAP " you can buy at any Home Depot. The sealant is flexible when it dries, It dries in about 7 hours but does not cure for a whole week. This extra coating on the inside of the tires provides a hard to penetrate barrier and helps to protect the inner tubes from puncture. Also it is cheaper than the custom made tires that will cost you and hard to find and order in your size. Keep in mind that anti flat strategies are similar to anti-theft strategioes in that the more effort you put into protecting your bike ahead of time the more payoff you recieve down the road because you have done your homework and prepared with the proper defense startegies and materials, but keep in mind nothing is absolute foolproof on better that standard installation but percentage wise you are still better off if you have prepared by putting better products and materials before you are exposed again to "potential flat causing circumstances" More preperation = more insurance against future failure and flats. I do not recommend the foam inner tube replacements becuase it is true you will not ever get flats again but normal performance will suffer because you will not have the same bounce and high pressure resiliance of a properly inflated inner tube under high pressure which you will miss in terms of riding performance. So it is a tradeoff reliablility for degraded performance and squiwchy feel or ride. One day manufacturers may figure out how to combine both technologies for both no flat realiability and good bounce and resilent ride but right now the two do not exist in the same product.


    You have to choose and live with your choices. You may have a hard time deciding if you do not have the product knowledge to know how it will effect your bike, your ride, reliability, cost and performance effectiveness and your own unique expectations and requirements.

    Other Thoughts

    We do not live in a "perfect world" but individuals struggling to fix and meet problems help to develope new products and designs. I love people who do not give up and go out and design better "mouse traps" such is the world of invention and human creativity.

    StarStarStarStarStar Q-Tubes, Thorn Resistant

    Ownership: several months
    Tech Knowledge: average


    This set of Q-Tubes, I have had on my new recumbent, tadpole style tricycle, for just over four months, and just over 820 miles, with no flats. And I have had several Goathead thorns in the tire, that I just pulled out, with no problem.

    All told, I have ran Q-Tubes, Thorn Resistant tubes, in my tires, for just over 11,000 miles, in eight years.
    I have only had to patch a tube, four times in that amount of time. And those were slow leaks. I was able to pump them back up, and make it back home before having to fix a flat.
    I have never had a pinch flat.

    They loose about five pounds of air pressure every ten days, which is about normal.


    They are little heavy, but with almost no flats, it is worth it.

    Other Thoughts

    I would definitely buy these again.

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    Q-Tubes 26 x 1.9-2.125" Thorn Resistant 32mm Presta Valve Tube

    your price $16.99

    BuyBuy PART NUM 602324