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SportCrafters OverDrive Trike Trainer
SportCrafters OverDrive Trike TrainerSportCrafters

SportCrafters trike trainers are the only trainers in the world specifically designed for recumbent trikes. Easy to use, lightweight and portable, our … read more

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Tacx Vortex Smart Trainer
Tacx Vortex Smart TrainerTacx

The Vortex Smart is Fully Connected The Tacx Vortex is connected wirelessly to smartphones and tablets and knows the ANT+ FE-C protocol, enabling … read more

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Kinetic Trainer Mat
Kinetic Trainer MatKurt Kinetic

A simple and necessary accessory for your trainer when used in the finer areas of your home. The Kinetic Trainer Floor Mat is designed to protect floors … read more

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CycleOps 9904 Fluid 2 Trainer: Black
CycleOps 9904 Fluid 2 Trainer: BlackCycleOps

"Easy to set up. Compact. Variety of resistance options. Better than wasting my money on a gym membership." - Anna B If it's important to you to make … read more

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SportCrafters Double Overdrive Trike Trainer
SportCrafters Double Overdrive Trike TrainerSportCrafters

So many customers have asked for more resistance from the OverDrive trike trainer for strong interval sprints that we are happy to offer the Double OverDrive … read more

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CycleOps SuperMagneto Pro Trainer
CycleOps SuperMagneto Pro TrainerCycleOps

"This trainer is easy to set up, super quiet and extremely versatile. You have four settings of progressive resistance: spin, road, intervals and mountain. … read more

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CycleOps JetFluid Pro Trainer
CycleOps JetFluid Pro TrainerCycleOps

If you're a real roadie, you shave your legs. What's more, you measure what you eat, you obsess about your training regimen, you read everything you can … read more

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Kurt Kinetic Pro Flywheel
Kurt Kinetic Pro FlywheelKurt Kinetic

Make your Road Machine or Rock and Roll the most versatile trainer you can find with the addition of a Pro Flywheel. The Pro Flywheel is perfect for hardcore … read more

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Kinetic Trainer Skewer
Kinetic Trainer SkewerKurt Kinetic

Kinetic Rear QR Skewer/Thru-Bolt for rear wheel trainers. Color: Silver Weight: 90.7 g Rear Axle Type: 10x1 … read more

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Tacx Bushido Trainer Wirefree
Tacx Bushido Trainer WirefreeTacx

Why is this such a good deal? Full disclosure - this is not the newest Bushido. The Bushido Smart is listed here If you don't plan to … read more

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Kreitler Fork Stand
Kreitler Fork Stand

The Fork Stand bridges the gap between rollers and trainers. With the Fork Stand, you have the option of using your Kreitler Rollers without having to … read more

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Minoura Safe-T-Net sweat net
Minoura Safe-T-Net sweat netMinoura

The Minoura Safe-T-Net sweat net catches your sweat during workouts and helps to keep your bicycle and your floor clean … read more

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CycleOps 9714 Trainer Skewer
CycleOps 9714 Trainer SkewerCycleOps

Rear wheel skewer, specificially designed for use with CycleOps trainers. … read more

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Kurt Kinetic Sweat Guard
Kurt Kinetic Sweat GuardKurt Kinetic

Sweat guard for Kurt Kinetic trainers … read more

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CycleOps Leveling Block
CycleOps Leveling BlockCycleOps

Leveling block for indoor trainers. UPC: 012527013258 CycleOps # 9702 … read more

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Minoura B60-D Tire Drive Trainer - Black
Minoura B60-D Tire Drive Trainer - BlackMinoura

New entry-level budget trainer New U-shape Frame B60's frame is similar to the M-series. 38mm diameter steel tubing is durable enough to … read more

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Tacx Upgrade PC Bushido/Vortex T1990
Tacx Upgrade PC Bushido/Vortex T1990Tacx

The Upgrade PC Bushido/Vortex consists of the Tacx Trainer software 3.0 and an ANT USB stick which enables you to connect the trainer wirelessly to the … read more

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Minoura Left Side Coupling Bolt
Minoura Left Side Coupling BoltMinoura

An optional coupling bolt for the fixed nut type rear wheel bikes. Applicable with V-series and new M-series frame only. The standard left side coupling … read more

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CycleOps 9902  Mag+ Trainer with Remote: Black
CycleOps 9902 Mag+ Trainer with Remote: BlackCycleOps

CycleOps Mag Trainer features a 5-position adjustment that makes it easy to vary workouts. Includes a bar-mounted remote shifter Not … read more

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"Cycling Innovations. Made in the USA. SportCrafters was built on a solid foundation of customer service excellence, and that value fuels the entire organization."

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"Tacx shares the passion for the sport of cycling with you. Work on your fitness, improve your personal bests, reach the summit of your capabilities: you can count on Tacx. You just take care of training and discipline, we will provide the means and possibilities. Ambitious athletes are our inspiration. Champions like Fabian Cancellara and Alberto Contador do not settle for anything but the best, they always use the Tacx trainer to warm up for big races and time-trials."

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Kurt Kinetic

Kurt Manufacturing got its start in the cycling industry when it began manufacturing the trainer frames for a competitor. The competitor went bankrupt in 1999. Stuck with a great deal of inventory and tooling and armed with the knowledge about leaking resistance units, Kurt decided to apply its precision manufacturing expertise to build bike trainers. The result was a design so innovative it was awarded a patent for its leak proof fluid resistance unit. Kinetic trainers are built to push your limits. They are the most advanced mechanical training tools available. Innovative design, patented fluid resistance technology and precision engineering set them apart from the competition. Kinetic's fluid resistance unit is the industry standard for reliability and consistency and it's backed by an unconditional lifetime warranty.

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"At CycleOps, we want to support your training year-round by providing you with the best trainers, rollers and indoor cycles. Whether you are riding indoors for fitness or are training to win a road race or triathlon, we've got you covered."

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"Bicycle use has changed greatly in the last 10 years but we see a bright future in cycling and stay committed to developing products that everyone can understand. MINOURA will continue to enhance product development and planning to keep our 80 year promise of delivering great, well-built products."

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"From product design to test engineering to manufacturing, we own our entire process. We source material locally through long-standing partnerships and we respect and appreciate the natural environment. Together we strive to create the world's best bike racks."

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Elite SRL

"Elite is a group of people in love with cycling, and has been proposing cutting-edge and technological products for the cycling world for over 30 years"

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Trainer resistance is available in fluid, wind, magnetic and electronic. Magnetic trainers are most common and have fixed levels of resistance. Fluid trainers have progressive levels of resistance; the harder you pedal, the more resistance they provide. Wind trainers tend to be very noisy, as they generate their resistance from a fan. Electronic trainers require a power source and can often provide the most powerful and precise levels of resistance. They sometimes can include virtual reality interfaces for a more interactive experience.

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